Do you dream of waking up in a peaceful state of mind, leaning into your relationship with Spirit, trusting that everything is always working in your favor, through you and for you, in every moment?

Maybe this dream sounds far away. You feel like a victim of life, like no matter how you try everything is out of control. You constantly find yourself asking, ‘Why is this happening to me?’

Day in and day out, you feel like you are dealing with the same issues, spinning your wheels but getting no where. You’re tired of feeling unseen and unheard, like all of your hard work is going nowhere and no one is acknowledging it anyway.

At Peace · Love · Reiki, we are here to encourage and assist in your healing, inside and out.

It is time to break the cycle, to bring your healing into the light and create the transformation you’ve always wanted. It’s time to realize that life is here to support you- not to hurt you.

After our Transformation Facilitation session, you will walk away feeling seen, heard, and acknowledged, lighter in heart and in Spirit. Together, we will work to create tangible action steps to help you continue to facilitate your own transformation from home, and by the time the session is through, you will be able to acknowledge the healing that has already taken place.

During your facilitating sessions, depending on your goals and needs, these transformation facilitation sessions may include:

💗 Clairvoyant Coaching
💙 Reiki
💛 Ho’oponopono
💙 Shamanic Healing
💗 Generational Healing
💙 Mediumship
💛 Chakra Analysis

Come on in to my healing center in NorthWest Austin, Texas for an in-person 90 minute facilitation session or book a package for in person healing.

Join me virtually for a powerful 90-minute healing facilitation session via Zoom.

Transformation Facilitation sessions are not your average energy work session. If you are looking for Reiki healing specifically, please see my Reiki offerings.

Jonna is absolutely wonderful in every way! She truly cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to make you feel seen and heard. I am extremely grateful for her place in my life. 
-Caitlin W.

 I had an absolutely amazing experience with Jonna. Not only did she get back to me incredibly quickly after sending a request about her services, but she also accommodated adding on my friend who came in town last minute and allowed him to be incorporated into our session! 
-Lindsay W.

Life-Affirmer! Life-saver! Excellent teacher, masseuse and she has incredible insight on life. Deeply loving, inspiring human being and medical intuitive. Jonna is deeply connected to the Universe and her students and clients! 
-Jeanette B.

Hi there, I’m Jonna.

I’m an intuitive healer & practicing Reiki Master Instructor and practitioner. I’m also an energy worker, wedding officiant, chakra coach, massage therapist, shamanic practitioner, and student at Reiki Café University and The Morris Pratt Institute. My licenses are with the State of Texas and professionally certified as a Usui Reiki III Master/Instructor in 2002. I’ve spent the last 20 years in service with the local healing community in Austin, Texas and surrounding area healing one heart 💗️ chakra at a time. The past two decades have created strong hands and a kind and giving heart. As a student of this life and the after-life, I am always researching, studying and practicing the best and most efficient ways to assist in our healing. I’m eager to share my findings with you.

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