Are you ready to unlock your own ability to heal?

Reiki is a powerful form of energy healing. Working together with Spirit, Reiki is channeled to awaken the natural healing forces of the body. Reiki sessions allow the client to set their intention for healing while welcoming a state of physical and emotional relaxation.

If you have been struggling to kickstart your healing, or are hoping for mental, emotional, and physical clarity, then Reiki is for you. Through a deep connection to Divine energy, we will work together to decipher the messages your Chakras are sending you and clarify the emotional and energetic wounds that need to be healed.

Reiki sessions are powerful because Reiki assists you in healing yourself. As a Reiki practitioner, I channel that healing energy to awaken your own healing ability and prepare you to do the inner work of healing.

💗 30-Minute Virtual Session
💛 60-Minute Virtual Session
💙 60-Minute In-Person Session

Have you already experienced the power of Reiki, and are ready to become a practicing Reiki practitioner?

You’ve come to the right place! I offer a variety of Reiki classes, available by appointment only, designed to suit your needs and cater to your specific Reiki journey. Explore my Reiki educational program courses below.

Join me in-person in Austin, TX for personal Reiki Classes, by appointment only.

💗 Reiki Level I Course
💛 Reiki Level II Course
💙 Reiki Internship
💛 Reiki Level III Course
💗 Reiki Apprenticeship
💙 Reiki for Kids
💛 Reiki Level I, II, & III Review Course
💗 In-Person Attunements

I have had reiki sessions in the the past and by far this has been one of the best. She took the time have a conversation before the session to know what was happening to me. His studio is very professional and cozy. Perfect to relax for the work you want to do. I highly recommended.
-Carlos D.

As I begin my search, I can say that I’m very happy Jonna was my first contact. Her honesty and values really came through in our discussion and I felt very welcomed into her working space.
-Nicole C.

Jonna was such a caring and nurturing presence during the energy healing. She is very knowledgeable and gave me great insights on how to heal my body.
-Kavya S.

Rev. Jonna T. Williams is an awesome & gifted instructor!!! We traveled about 150 miles specifically to meet with her! I searched everywhere to find someone that could Accommodate both me & my husband’s spiritual needs together but on 2 separate levels… One of us were already Level 1 Attuned & the other was just being introduced to Reiki. Wow!!! She facilitated the most amazing course that was able to be customized to just what was needed for me and my husband separately and as a whole! She was so patient, knowledgeable, down to earth and her energy & spirit was pure magic. She answered so many questions, taught us hands on techniques for self healing, how to channel our own energy & even cleared a few blocked chakras. She’s the real deal y’all! Mind, body & spirit were totally renewed! One of the best decisions we’ve made along our journey! Can’t thank her enough!!!
-Rameeka H.

Upon my first visit with Jonna, she had an awesome vibe that made me feel comfortable. I felt her passion for what she does, and am thankful for her in every way. I had a great first healing, and look forward to seeing her again to continue the healing process. Thank you Jonna!
-Tiffany B.

Working with Jonna was lovely. She’s nurturing and very approachable…down to earth. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.
-Tanya G.

I just finished my Reiki Level I with Jonna Tuttle Williams, and absolutely loved it! She is very informative and helpful. Also, every day she sends a positive meditation for 21 days after the attunement. I highly recommend the experience.
-Lacey M.

Hi there, I’m Jonna.

I’m an intuitive healer & practicing Reiki Master Instructor and practitioner. I’m also an energy worker, wedding officiant, chakra coach, massage therapist, shamanic practitioner, and student at Reiki Café University and The Morris Pratt Institute. My licenses are with the State of Texas and professionally certified as a Usui Reiki III Master/Instructor in 2002. I’ve spent the last 20 years in service with the local healing community in Austin, Texas and surrounding area healing one heart 💗 chakra at a time. The past two decades have created strong hands and a kind and giving heart. As a student of this life and the after-life, I am always researching, studying and practicing the best and most efficient ways to assist in healing our emotional trauma. I’m eager to share my findings with you.

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